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What a carbon tax for the superrich could look like [DW]

The superrich appear to be increasing their emissions at a faster rate too. Per capita emissions of the global top 1% have increased since 1990, whereas emissions from low- and middle-income groups within rich countries declined. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: Taxing super-rich is considered by several experts a key instrument to meet climate targets.

EU energy investments: Will 2021 be decisive? [DW]

Bill Gates recently said that 2021 could be a decisive year for European leadership in the next generation of clean tech, as the EU is about to start spending its €750 billion recovery fund to tackle the social, economic and climate crises. Nonetheless, apart from early investments in energy efficiency, first (potentially revolutionising) results won’t be visibile before 2023. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: The EU Commission and other EU institutions are doing a great job,, despite wide criticism on the press (March 2021)

Carbon-intensive cement industry feeling the heat [DW]

The cement sector accounts for 7% of all man-made CO2 emissions, more than all 202 million trucks and more than the steel sector. Pressure is piling up on European cement companies to decrease their footprint (July 2019). WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: Data driven article which increased focus on cement and climate change

Europe’s dominant position in power-to-gas technology cannot be overlooked [DW]

According to a recent academic paper by Technical University of Applied Sciences in the German city of Regensburg, the EU is a world leader in this technology, home to nearly 80% of the 153 projects globally (September 2019). WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: I stressed the importance of electrolyzers. Reuters wrote a similar story one and a half year later

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Will trains play a key role in the European Green Deal? [DW]

“Through the Green Deal, we have committed to make the transport sector in Europe to contribute to our effort to tackle climate change. All the modes have to contribute, but I think that rail in particular is a game changer, since it is a truly sustainable way of moving people and freight,” Adina-Ioana Valean, European commissioner for transport, told DW. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: Focus on need to decarbonise the transport sector (February 2020)

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Philippines and coral reefs in search of balance (ITALIAN) [LatitudineX]

Turtles, clownfishes, and moorish idols swim between coral reefs, apparently undisturbed by humans immortalising the world’s center of marine biodiversity with their Go-Pros. The bubbling underwater life, combined with blue skies and volcanic islands, make the Philippines a natural rising star of global tourism. And this doesn’t come without complications (July 2018). WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: Focus on coral reef and climate change emerged later on in 2018

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