I speak five languages: Italian (C2), English (C2), German (C1), Spanish (B2), and French (B2). I can write, and edit in Italian and English.

I write novels with different pseudonyms – novels are fantastic, facts are terrific, but the two should not be mixed up. 

Freelance journalist: texts, pictures, and videos

The first journalistic lesson, the first day at Reuters: write what other people have not written yet. So that means: no narratives.

I’m not sure about easily drawn causality links, either. I studied economics and econometrics at Bocconi University with great professors and, despite being far from an expert, I can’t help but remember that correlation doesn’t mean causality. I think that was a good lesson. Reality is complex. Data analysis is important. It is something I’m pretty good with.

My first international journalistic profession at Natural Gas Europe (now Natural Gas World) taught me something important as well: be so knowledgeable in your field of expertise that people will ask themselves how you managed to anticipate news on a consistent level, by yourself. Focus: transatlantic take on EU energy from London, and Brussels.

I then worked for two years for Ruptly in Berlin (the first video news agency in the world for views on YouTube in 2020), where I learnt video production, and the Russian perspective on European affairs.

Meanwhile, over the last six years, I continued writing my weekly column for Staffetta Quotidiana, the oldest Italian newspaper on energy. I covered political and legal developments in the energy sector at the European level. I observed the EU institutions, and I strived to report their changes with a soft voice and hyperlinked facts, without too many interpretations.

Over the last three years, I published articles about European society for American media companies as well as Berlin’s queer magazine Siegessäule.

I am also reporting on business and environment for Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster. I also collaborate with PV Magazine International.

I studied economics in Milan, Game Theory in Amsterdam, communication in Aarhus, journalism in London (City University). I volunteered in India, and worked as a dishwasher in Copenaghen.


Energy & Climate




PAST Experiences (Main)

One Master in Political Economics from Bocconi University (110/110 cum laude), one Master in Communication from Aarhus University, one Master in Journalism from City University (London).

Journalist, Thomson Reuters (Milan) (2009 – 2011)

Covering national news, editing articles from international network and translating the articles into Italian

Correspondent, Natural Gas Europe (UK/BE) (2013 – 2016)

  • Analysing and verifying daily stories and producing weekly wrap-ups of European gas markets 
  • Identifying and writing off-diary stories, also on

Intake/Senior Intake Editor, Ruptly (Berlin) (2016 – 2018)

Responsible for spotting breaking news and implementing appropriate coverage plan immediately

Researcher, Bocconi (Milan) (2008-2009)

Project manager for a series of projects (data-based strategic marketing)

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